The government of Thailand intends to make private health insurance compulsory for expatriates. With that in mind other South East Asian countries may well follow suit.


The number of Australians choosing to retire in Thailand has been increasing, in part due to the relatively lower cost of living in South East Asia. The current cost of living has never been higher than at this time in Australia. By the year 2030 that figure is forecast to increase substantially, making the proposition of retirement in Thailand much more attractive.


Britain’s current uncertainty regarding its pending financial position with the European Union and Brexit should give rise to the prospect of retirement in a place such as Thailand as a much more attractive alternative.


In the USA with the median retirement benefit unlikely to sustain a retiree until death, and with social security benefits insufficient and in decline, the prospect of a happy retirement there is dim.

In light of this, the chance to retire in a South East Asian country such as Thailand with your subsequent retirement benefits is a much more attractive choice, with the added value for money and tropical laid back style of life.

Be aware:

In the case of people who are over 60 years old there can be difficulty obtaining insurance cover through many insurance providers. Over 75 years old can be even more difficult, even if you are still healthy.

Health insurance premiums at retirement age and as an expatriate are definitely a cause for concern regarding affordability.