6 ways to improve heart health

Follow our expat guide to building good heart health with advice on check-ups, getting active, lowering stress and creating a support network

No one needs to be told how important their heart is, but many of us could do with some help looking after ours. Heart disease is a catch-all for a catalogue of health concerns that claims – for example – 610,000 American lives (one in four U.S. deaths due to heart disease) and 160,000 British lives a year.1

Risk of heart disease is dependent on several factors such as age, smoking habits, diabetes, weight and stress, family history and genetics. The good news is that even small lifestyle changes can lower your risk of heart disease by as much as 83%. The key is to act now.2

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So, what can you do to build a healthy heart and avoid heart disease?

Follow our 6 simple steps to improve cardiovascular health, and don’t forget, if you’re an Aetna International member with any questions, queries or concerns, you can get in touch with our Care and Response Excellence (CARE) team for help anytime, anywhere. Login or register for Health Hub to get in touch with the CARE team.

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