Help the heartbeat of your clients’ organisations stay healthy

This month’s topic in our year-long “Fit for duty” corporate wellness campaign focuses on heart health and the role stress can play. We’ve compiled information and developed resources to help your clients lower workplace stress and, in turn, help lessen the risk of heart disease among the heartbeat of their organisation … their employees. We hope you’ll share this information with your clients.
We can support your stress management efforts

To support your clients’ efforts to foster healthy, happy, productive employees we’ve created two assets to help them combat stress in the workplace and amongst their employees.

For your clients:

Discover the actions your clients can take to help their employees reduce their stress levels and guard against heart disease:
Reducing workplace stress could help prevent heart attacks.
There is also a downloadable PDF available.
For your clients’ employees:

Some great strategies to help employees lower their risk of heart disease:
6 ways to help lower your stress and strengthen your heart.
There is also a downloadable PDF available.

Want to know more?

We offer lots of powerful ways to help your clients work towards improving the health and well-being of their employees, reducing the costs associated with employees missing work.

Your sales manager would love the opportunity to tell you more about the services and resources our Aetna health and wellness plans offers. Reach out to your account manager today!

Bookmark this page and come back often. We’ll release new material each month along with resources to help your clients build a workforce that’s fit for duty. Next month, we’ll be focussing on sleep and mental health.